Rules in the Haven

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Rules in the Haven

Post  AdminCass on Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:31 am

No spamming Spam- short posts. You should reply with more than 10 words.
Try not to double post, if you accidentally do you can delete the excess post
Respect forum members. If you have a problem with someone, please PM a mod and let them know
Do not bash other people.
Do Not quote images and vids. Remove the [img] or [youtube] tags.
Do not have more than one account with different email addresses.
No use of sexually explicit or language. Please refrain from such vulgarites, we have a varied range of members here.
NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! If you make more than one account and we catch you, and we will, the second, third etc. accounts will be deleted without prior or post notice, and the offender will get a warning.
For newbies questions, you could seek help with the regular members/Admin

Have fun, and welcome to the haven. Very Happy

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